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Virtual Incubation Program

Like a baby that is born too early, a business incubator helps a business grow in a safe, nurturing environment until it is ready to venture outside this comfort zone into the real world. Virtual Incubation Program is a structured program that provides participants with the necessary tools, ideas, and networking opportunities to enhance, structure and polish up their business ideas and help them develop their pathway to implementation.

Our Domain and Focus Area

Small Scale Industries

Essential Goods (FMCG)

Covid-19 has brought us to many challenges and there is a massive opportunity to build a business around essential goods under FMCG 

Multi-use plastic

The plastic industry is going through a major transformation and its the right time to invest in building sustainable and environment friendly products


With multifold increase in eCommerce it’s apparent that the consumers are making smart choices when it comes to buying apparels online

Education tech

With multifold increase in eCommerce it’s apparent that the consumers are making smart choices when it comes to buying apparels online

Safety and Sanitization

With sanitation and social distancing around it has become imperative to build solutions to meet the market demand and convert that into a profitable business

Health & Wellness

Health is everyone’s first choice these days and there is a shortage of solutions in the market to cater to this industry at large

Recyclable Products

An eco-friendly environment is the need of the hour in every nook and corner of the country you live in. Bring your ideas to life to tackle global warming

Renewable Energy

Utilities are getting expensive by the day and its affordability is decreasing. If you have an idea to overcome this challenge then participate in this program

Food & Beverages

An ever-growing industry that demands creativity in culinary skills. There is a massive opportunity in terms of healthy food and beverages 


Covid-19 has shocked the world, immunity boosters, general drugs and medicines are in demand and there is a strong need to address this space

Digital Service Providers

Process digitization

Businesses are struggling to manage their daily operations in all functions. Do you have an idea to solve a particular problem in a particular domain?

Last mile delivery

Traditional logistic solutions cannot meet the demand for hyper-local deliveries. Do you have an idea to move goods within the city at a faster pace?

Service aggregators

There are thousands of service providers but they lack a digital platform to grow and scale their business. Do you have a solution to cater to this problem?

Niche consulting

1000’s of businesses need professional consulting in all functions of the business. Do you have the expertise to provide niche consulting?

Niche marketplace

Amazon is by far the biggest marketplace but then it’s very crowded and there is a strong need to create a niche marketplace to cater to a specific industry

Eligibility criteria

The first batch of virtual incubation program is limited to a total of ten businesses from the above-listed domains and they must meet the minimum eligibility criteria to participate.

Businesses under 5 years

N  New start-ups or existing business under 5 years
Ongoing revenue for existing business
Product-market fit for existing business
MVP and MSP’s general availability
Not part of an incubator program in the past

Program structure and timelines

We have defined the program to be flexible for different audiences, and coherent enough to standardize learning goals. We have hired experts to provide functional and technical knowledge for all the domains.

Month 1 - Week 1

Information Session

  • This session will help interested members of your jamaat learn about the virtual incubation program and how they can benefit from it.
Month 1 - Weeks 2-4

Application open to public

  • Applications will be open to jamaat public to submit to your team
Month 2 - Week 1

Application Committee review meeting

  • Participants will be notified after the Application Committee Review meeting about their application (whether they were accepted or not).
Month 2 - Weeks 3

Participation confirmed

  • Participants will be notified after the Application Committee Review meeting about their application (whether they were accepted or not). If they were accepted, they have until a specified date to confirm they are participating, and you should confirm your participants’ list within Month 2.
Month 3 - Weeks 2 to Month 6, Week 1

Program Run

  • Exact dates to be confirmed for online sessions. There are six (6) units and each unit has two weeks – one for teaching, one for check-in. All teaching and check-in sessions will be online.
Month 6 - Week 2 or Week 3

Demo Day

  • This is the day that participants will demonstrate to others outside the program what they’ve achieved. You may choose to invite both jamaat members to encourage their family, friends, and fellow mumineen – as well as external organizations and individuals who may be interested in helping participants with their businesses.


    What do you mean by Virtual Incubation Program?

    It’s a 6 weeks training program where we nurture a new or an existing business by providing them training and hands-on activities in all functions of a business

    Can I apply for this program?

    Absolutely. If you are intending to start a new business or are currently running a business which is less than five years old then you are eligible to apply

    Will you accept applications only from the above listed domains?

    Yes, the first batch of this program will only have participants from the above-listed domains. We shall cater to other categories in subsequent batches

    Do I have to pay for participating in this program?

    Yes, there shall be a nominal fee to cover our expenses

    What is the criteria for applying to this program?

    You need to be a new business or an existing business that is under 5 years. The domain and categories of businesses that can participate are listed above

    Will this incubation program lead to funding?

    It depends on how well you prepare as a business during the incubation program. You shall be given access to a pool of investors to pitch your business plans.

    Participate and get rewarded

    The program gives you on-demand access to mentors and advisors
    besides you will receive a token of participation and biggest of all,
    access to a pool of investors.