Friday and Saturday nights are obviously the busiest. The women on Tinder are hardly looking for anything serious. Osaka is super sexually liberated so… Yeah, you know what Tinde is for. You are not likely to meet the love of your life here. I mean the women who work in convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, some of the girls in low-paying office jobs, etc.

  • In my experience, these highly driven Osaka women come from comfortable families that are still not outrageously rich.
  • Chances are, they have travelled outside of Japan and met some foreigners before.
  • In fact many women here sign up because they want to try to meet gaijin and don’t know where else to go to do it.
  • “He came to the bar and ordered a beer and just walked over to the corner. He ordered fish and chips and Nat’s shepherd’s pie,” Laura Rolfe told The Mirror.
  • Rich girls are much easier to interact with because they know about your culture.

The program “aspires to level the playing field for girls through the power of sport.” Once upon a time, there was a girl from Japan with arms so strong she could serve a tennis ball at more than 120 miles per hour.

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“Lord of the Rings” actor Elijah Wood took to social media to condemn the decision, saying that it would negatively affect those with lower incomes. The company’s announcement was met with both criticism and approval.

If they say yes then it is very likely you will get laid. We realize addresses can be a bit confusing here so here is a map with the best local pick up and date spots around the city. As most know in Japan losing face is a huge deal, that rich local customer may never go back to their establishment again. Like we said, no big deal just move on to the next spot if you get rejected at the door. Others might have a little interest, but then there are some who will only want to date foreign men. Obviously these are going to be the easiest girls in Osaka to hook up with and many of them will be on Japan Cupid. They are also very dedicated to safety and offer a great choice of beautiful Osaka women.

Meet Osaka Girls During The Day

Maybe in some bars or if you hang around university campuses. The general public in Osaka, as friendly as they may be, only speak Japanese. Actually, that’s how a lot of Japanese couples start – by meeting at their job. If you have money to spend, dating a girl like this could be fun. find more at These Osaka women are not as stuck up as wealthy girls. This is not as visible in Osaka as it is Tokyo but it’s still a prominent feature of the culture. Rich girls are your best chance of an English speaker.

Day game can be a very time consuming process even in the most fertile hunting grounds. If you are trying to meet women during the day in perfect conditions it still could take hours and you might go home with nothing.

If you follow the above advice you will get some women to agree to go out with you, now you have to show them a good time. If you know how to speak Japanese or are with a big group of locals you might get in, but if you show up solo and only speak English your chances are slim. Don’t worry, there are plenty of gaijin friendly singles bars in your area and we just listed them for you. If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in Osaka with a dating guide then you have come to the right place. Spots to pick up single women and things to do on your date night will be fully covered here. Another day game option would be taking it to the streets.

At that time, she announced she would choose to give up her U.S. citizenship to keep her Japanese citizenship and compete for Japan in the 2020 Olympics. However, Osaka has said that she feels “more like a global citizen” than one particular nationality—a sentiment supported by her latest endeavor. 21 million viewers ranging from bizarre places, weird foods to YouTube’s #1 travel & nightlife guides. The Osaka nightlife is very underrated and is a place most foreigners skip due to being far from Tokyo but the Osaka nightclubs, girls and restaurants are some of the best in Japan. If you are traveling to Japan and don’t understand the dating culture yet this will be the most important section so far. First lets get the boring travel talk out of the way, many consider Namba to be the center of the city and it will be a good home base. In fact many women here sign up because they want to try to meet gaijin and don’t know where else to go to do it.